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FAQ – SuperFan Packs –

Why should I consider buying this pack compared to a pack at the local store? 

The joy you will get from giving this as a gift and watching the Superfan in your life open it while not knowing that you know that his or her favorite player will be in that pack, and the joy that they will get from opening that pack, sifting through and seeing that they pulled their favorite player…That is why we built this company.   To spread as many of those moments as possible.   To give new and existing collectors a reason to smile.  

Aside from our mission of bringing joy and smiles, you will be able to collect from the best and newest from multiple verified and vetted card distributors. These cards are coming from the most serious collectors in the US.     

How many cards are in the Superfan Pack?


How many cards are in the Superfan Premium Pack?

Cards in the premium pack will depend on each distributor. Each distributor chooses the price of their premium pack, along with the number of cards. Please check with directly with the distributor regarding price.

Who packs the packs of cards?

This is the best part of Superfanpacks. Superfanpacks partners only with verified and vetted card collectors. You will not be receiving packs built from some guy in his basement. These card distributors are serious collectors who know and love cards. They go above and beyond to provide you with the best and newest cards available on the market.

Are the players in the packs players that currently play in the NFL or NBA?   

Yes!  These packs contain players that are currently relevant and play in the league!  

Are the packs sealed?


Are there any guarantees of hit cards or odds for hit cards?

NO!  Autographs, jersey/relic, limited numbered, short prints, super short prints, inserts, parallels, and rookies will definitely be loaded in these packs, but not guaranteed or to be expected from these packs.   Hit cards should be considered delightful surprises, and a nice bonus if you get one.  Some of the cards that go into the packs will be pictured, but you are not guaranteed any card pictured in your pack.   The only guarantee is that you will receive 12 cards, one of them being the player that you choose.   We cannot and do not guarantee any odds on any cards due to gambling and sweepstakes law restrictions.   The only guarantee that we are making is that you will receive a card of the player you choose somewhere in your pack of 12 cards, and that you will get 12 cards.  

Can these packs be customized?

Superfan Packs can only be customized the extent that you choose the player that you want in the pack. Otherwise, packs will very based on which distributor they were purchased from.

Superfan Premium Packs can be customized per request.  

What brands are in the packs?

The majority of the cards in Superfan packs contain NBA and NFL licensed cards manufactured by Panini.  Throwback cards will be from multiple manufacturers, most of which were at one point and time licensed by the NFL and NBA. 

We do not, in any manor, claim ownership of the license of the products in the packs. All cards, photos of cards, players and player names, league names and league logos are the sole property of the players, leagues, and affiliates of those leagues that control those rights. All products produced by card companies are not created by us. Products are legally sourced from various third parties or directly from the manufacturer and are repackaged using our proprietary strategy to create a unique shopping experience that we feel provides value to the card collector world.

Are the cards in top-loaders or sleeves before sealing?  

Superfan Packs will be raw in a team bag and sealed package.

Superfan Premium Packs will in most cases be protected by slabs, one touch, top loaders, and/or sleeves. Each distributor is responsible for properly protecting the cards in the package.  

Cards purchased from the gallery will be protected.

How are the cards from the packs protected if shipped raw without cases?

Superfan packs will be protected with multiple layers of protection when shipped.  Cards will be placed in a team bag, sealed in a foil wrapper, and protected with bubble envelopes.   Additional layers of shipping protection will be added as necessary to protect the cards from damage.

What condition can I expect from these cards?

We take card condition very seriously.  We do our best to buy cards in as close to mint, and mint condition that we can find.   Many cards have imperfections, even if pulled directly from the manufacturer.    We cannot guarantee the condition of any of the cards.  Please check condition of the card using the magnifier on the photo of the card.

What happens if the Superfan player I want to choose is out of stock?

If your player shows out of stock, chances are the player is in stock, and will be updated shortly on the website.   email us at to request the player that shows out of stock, and we will do our best to accommodate. 

The player I want is not on the drop-down list, why not and can I add him?

Players on the list are current players in the league.   We currently do not offer packs outside of this era.   If you want to make a special request, we will see what we can do, but no guarantees.   Email us at

Can I guarantee the picture of the player is a picture that has their jersey from their current team? 

No.   In most (not all) SuperFan packs, players will be in the most recent jersey available through the card manufacturers.  Players are often traded in season and end up on different teams.  Many times, it can be up to a year before you see cards manufactured of the player on the team with the new jersey.   Feel free to submit your request with your order, but do not count on this request being fulfilled.  If we can make it happen, we will, but this should not be an expectation.    

Do I get free shipping if I order just one pack? 

All orders $24.99 and above on our site get free shipping.  Free shipping option can take anywhere from 2-7 days.   If you would like expedited shipping, you can pay the expedited fee for overnight or 2 day shipping.