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About Us

The joy you will get from giving this as a gift to the SuperFan in your life… Imagine watching them open the pack, while not knowing that you know that his or her favorite player will be in that pack, and the joy that they will get from opening that pack, sifting through and seeing that they pulled their favorite player… That is why we built this company. To spread as many of those moments as possible. To give new and existing collectors a reason to smile. 

SuperFan Packs are provided by the best verified and vetted card shops and collectors, and the packs you purchase will come from authentic collectors and stores. Packs purchased will vary depending which Card Store fills your order, but they are all promised to be unique one-of-a-kind experiences.

We are currently partnering with verified and vetted card distributors to help them share their cards with the world! We provide packaging, sealing equipment, software to quickly upload your cards, and your own store to manage on the marketplace. Your shipping rules, your ability to run promotions, your store. If you get approved to become a distributor, you will be given credentials to log in and create your store with us. Please complete the following form here to sell packs and cards with us.

We love collecting our favorite players. Collecting some of the players that make us fans, and more of the players that make us SuperFans! We also love ripping packs of cards. You can purchase a pack of cards from SuperFan Packs that guarantees to include the player you choose. Whether you are purchasing these packs as a birthday gift, holiday present, or to rip yourself, you can be assured that at the very least you will be receiving the player you choose to be in that pack of cards. Picture the joy that you will bring to the life of a SuperFan by providing them a pack knowing that it will contain their favorite player while you watch them open it!  


We do not have a retail store, we do not do box breaks. We provide a marketplace for buyers and sellers of cards to connect.

Please check out our FAQ/packs and FAQ/gallery pages to find out more about the packs and the gallery.